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Welcome to CSI Gazette!
We hope to have a daily recs system for everything happening in the CSI:LV, CSI:Miami, and CSI:NY fandoms. It's a newsletter to keep everyone up to date. We will post links to where you can find all of the fun stuff. We won't always get everything but we will try to provide you with a good selection of goodies everyday.

WARNING!! All fics rated R, NC-17, M, FRMAO, or FRM will have adult material in them. If you are underage, you have been warned.

Where we look: The watcher journal for the Gazette is csitracker. The user info page for that journal shows the communities that we keep an eye on. If there is one not listed that is an active community, please let me know at csigazette@gmail.com.
1. Only posts relating to CSI:LV, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami in any form will be listed here. This includes the characters of the three shows and the actors portraying them.

2. Fics must have a rating to be listed on the Gazette. If you need help with this Check out this website. If no rating is shown in the header of the fics, they will be passed over.

3. Any graphics/icons/banners/drawings that have explicit material in them must have a warning to be listed.
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Disclaimer: All three CSI shows are owned by CBS. The materials listed within the Gazette are just fans enjoying the work the creators, writers, and directors have put into the show.